HelmetCam and Movies

Here are some short clips on MX practice / Racing highlights / Interviews / Music clips / General bike maintenance / Some loose and extreme MX and other bits and pieces……so scroll down, click on the one you want to watch, turn up the sound, sit back and enjoy.

More to come soon…Stay Tuned!


The Grand opening of the new facility for the Tauranga Motorcycle Club

A new home for The Club (You will see the Mini and Senior tracks) – Check this out!


Here are some helmet cams from the Aug maize paddock ride in Welcome Bay

On July 13th The Club held its 1st maize paddock ride at Welcome Bay…Check this out!

2 of the clubs committee members just love playing in the dirt and out came the GoPro!

Summer X 2013 – Just when it starts to get real good. Here’s 2 clips of some real action at Awakaponga MX Track. Sit back and enjoy the action!

Supercross can be made more interesting to ride in so many different ways. Here’s one way the boys stirred things up to make it fast and challenging. Just imagine a Supercross rhythm section, about 500mtrs long in a straight line (Yeah like a drag strip)…Check this out!

Here’s some footage of the new “Altitude 450” Trail ride at TECT Park-Tauranga

Sit back and enjoy-Wouldn’t you love to have 1 of these sitting in your backyard-Yeah!

Battle of The Clubs 2013 – So you think your good enough to do some laps with 1 of the best?….If so then buckle up, slap on your Helmet and hang on!….You’re going to cut some laps with……  NZ #1 Cody Cooper

Have you been watching the lastest 2013 RedBull X Fighters…..If not and you would like a quick update…..Sit back and watch this…. Preview!!

Have you ever had to do that skin shredding, knuckle breaking job?  (Changing a tyre)…Well here’s one way of completing the job safely.

Here are some highlights of the 2012 Battle of the Clubs held in Taupo.

So you might think that MX is easy….These guys are loose….Click here….Loose 3!

Want to see some more radical MX ?….Click here….Loose 2!

Check out some radical MX…..Click here… Loose!

The V Motion Project…This is Cool….Click on the picture.

Check this out…click here….. Red Bull CITY SCRAMBLE

Nate Adams ….Click here… Rap Song!

Now this is cool….turn up the sound and listen to this.

For those of you that don’t know Josh that well then……..click here… Josh Coppins in the flesh-get to know him.