Frequent Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from those new to MX and our Club. They are a guide only and the Club can make changes from time to time. If you need any more details please do not hesitate to contact us or have a chat to any of our committee members at the Track.

  • What is the benefit of becoming a Club Member?

    The benefit is that you can collect points at our race round which are collated at the end of the series and you may end upon the podium! You also receive discounts for race day events and maize paddock rides and twilight racing. You also need to be a member of a Club in order to obtain a MNZ Licence. Download our membership form and prices here. All membership money goes back to the club for day to costs and improvements so all our riders benefit.

  • Why do I need a MNZ Licence?

    Our Club is an affiliated MNZ (Motorcycling New Zealand) Club and they act as our governing body. In order to adhere to the MNZ rules and guidelines all our riders must have an MNZ licence for our Club Series and other Race Day events. You can purchase a one off “Day Licence” at a cost of $25.00 per event or purchase a yearly MNZ licence direct from MNZ. All prices and forms etc can be found on their website. Your MNZ licence can be used at any MNZ Race event in New Zealand. MNZ do allow for Mini Riders to have their first 2 race meetings free and after that you can apply for an MNZ licence (with a discount) or purchase a day licence.

  • Do I need a MNZ Licence for a practice day?

    No – you do not need a licence for our practice days or Maize paddock rides.

  • What safety gear do I need?

    The following is the compulsory list of riding gear required:

    • Long Sleeve Shirt, Long Pants
    • Motocross Boots
    • Approved Motocross Helmet - Helmet Inspections Conducted on Race Day - no camera/helmet mounts allowed and must be removed.
    • Gloves and Body Armour
    • Googles – riders choice but recommended.
    For more details see MNZ Website Manual – Chapter 8

  • What is a transponder?

    A transponder is a timing device that attaches to your bike. All bikes must be fitted with a transponder on race days so we can collect and score the timing data and allows us to keep track of all the riders on the track for safety purposes. We will provide you with a transponder at sign on.

  • Where do I find information about the events?

    All our events are advertised on Facebook and Instagram with links to our website. Also on the MNZ website and SilverBullet. For details of the event click on the “Event” in Facebook and this will let you know the dates, times, prices etc Visit Our Facebook Page Visit Our Instagram Page

  • What class do I sign in on?

    Depending on your age and your type of bike there is a class for everyone at out Club Rounds. Juniors and Minis are separated by age and bike size. Once you have started in this class at the start of the season you can stay in this class for the rest of the season even if you have a birthday but NOT if you get a different size bike. If you are unsure then have a chat to us at sign on and we can help put you in the right class.

  • How do I get involved?

    We have a strong and active committee and always welcome new committee members to come on board. We meet one Tuesday a month for a committee meeting and hold working bees regularly during the season. There is a lot of different ways you can get on board whether it is coming along to a working bee, helping out on race days or joining the committee to help out with the running of the Club and organising events. Contact Ninka Hall for more info on 027 2912 860